Why Did We Write This Book?

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Our friends were beginning to retire into one of two groups. Some “retired” into a more fulfilling and active life than their working years. The second group seemed to be lost as they had not planned on what they would do after leaving their 9-5 jobs. No longer having a schedule or purpose, they also lost their social connections and the opportunity to share their skills with others. What was the REAL difference between these two groups? This question led us on a search to discover the answer. We interviewed countless people entering the years that are associated with retirement. We found that very few looked forward to the definition of retirement as an eternal state of leisure. Instead they wanted to live a full life that was meaningful, full of enjoyment and relevant to others. The ones that chose a fulfilled and active life planned it out surprisingly not in finances, but in interests, dreams and relationships outside the standard work environment. The lost group was challenged because they found a life full of leisure was not all it was cracked up to be. They lost what they had known and were unsure on how to begin again. That is why we wrote the book as a guide to help readers take charge of their transition making changes in their lifestyles, defining what they wanted, building transitional relationships, and connecting with a higher purpose. This process is not easy; it takes a commitment and openness to redesign one’s self. Our worksheets and exercises are crafted to guide this process which can be done in one’s 30’s, 40’s, 50’s or 80’s. As it turns out, the process is the same as it has been in all stages of maturing: using wisdom to launch the next stage of our experience.

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I so agree with what you are proposing. I am 64 and don't intend to retire for a long time. Number 1, I can't afford to. Number 2, I like the people I work with and staying in tune with what is going on in the world around me. Being with Young people makes me young.

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