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Our goal should be to eat for energy; not for weight loss.

(Health blog)

  • America spends billions every year on diets, surgeries, weight-loss products and exercise programs all geared towards building a better body or losing weight.  Americans place pressure on restaurants to advertise nutritional values and watch TV shows that promise to have the secret to weight loss.  You would think Americans are getting thinner, stronger, and healthier.  Not so.

  • Over two thirds of US adults are overweight or obese.  The problem of weight gets even worse with older Americans. Arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, cancers are aggravated by overweight conditions.  Weight management is an American issue but more importantly an issue of older Americans.

  • America’s method of dealing with obesity is all wrong, it is not that we lack information.  We all know to increase exercise and decrease caloric intake.  Simple.  But we must understand why we gained weight in the first place. Our minds and our bodies will always work for our greater good.  So what is it that our mind is interpreting as our needs?

  • Many seniors remember their skinny days, days that were connected with less stress and fewer responsibilities.  They also recall when it started to go wrong.  The weight did not leave after pregnancy.  There were family issues, financial issues, work issues, parental care issues, issues with divorces, with spouses, and with children.  It became more and more difficult for the mind and body to find the energy to deal effectively.  What do you do when you lack time and resources and you need energy now? You do what is most efficient.  You grab something from a vending machine, drive-through a fast food restaurant, or heat up the pizza rolls.  And it works!  You got a little boost.  Something that your mind and body remember and will ask you to do again.  You notice the weight pile on; but it is not a priority.  All those other issues are.  You are still tired; you need the food fix; you’re hooked.  But every time you reach for the convenient, you get diminished returns.  You are more tired than ever; looking good is no longer important; and you start avoiding the reality of it all.   Maybe you try a fad diet in order to lose weight.  You start depriving yourself of some important food sources to lose weight.  You still do not get the energy.  Your body says, “hold on a second, I was eating to give me energy and now you are going to deprive me of the one method I’ve been using?  I’ll sabotage you!”  Soon, you will no longer be dieting and find yourself heavier than ever before.

  • So, we aren’t doing it right.  Let’s go back to the original problem.  You are tired, stressed and overwhelmed.  This is not the time to manage a diet.  This is not the time to starve your body.  It is time for your head and body to work together to give the body what it needs: sources of energy.  You had it partly correct.  One way to reduce fatigue is to eat, but only certain foods fit the bill.  With the right food sources, energy is increased and with the increased energy, you are able to sustain the activity that supports good health.  With energy foods your body will say “Yes, this is what is am looking for.”  The body stops sabotaging the efforts and gets you back to a normal weight.  We in Act III hope you never diet again!

  • Instead we hope you will follow us in a journey to reenergize, regain health and reach the best health ever.  This will be a real journey.  We will share with you our struggles and our stories along the way.  We invite you to join us in sharing your energy secrets, recipes, tips and stories.

  • Let’s empower our Act III with energy.  POW!


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