How Tech Savvy are you, really?  Take this quiz to find out where your technology knowledge stands.  Get useful and practical tips to improve your knowledge and become more technologically independent.

Here is a quick quiz to see where you stand relative to today’s technology. Let’s see what technology you have mastered.

1. Yes No Can you take a picture of your car with your cell phone and send it to your insurance agent?

2. Yes No Can you get step-by-step driving directions audibly from your phone or car GPS system?

3. Yes No Can you answer the phone in your car without touching your phone?

4. Yes No Can you take a picture of your old curio chest, crop the picture to a smaller size, and upload it to an online auction site?

5. Yes No Can you connect your laptop to a wide-screen TV to view the
pictures taken on your last trip?

6. Yes No Can you send a copy of your W-2s as a fax to your CPA by using only your phone, tablet, or PC?

7. Yes No Can you monitor your heart rate, number of calories burned, and number of steps walked by using your smartphone?

8. Yes No Can you deposit checks into your checking or savings account using your smart phone?

9. Yes No Can you use a personal hot spot to connect to the Internet?

10. Yes No Have you used a square? (Hint: It is used in credit card transactions.)

How did you do?

If you answered “Yes”:

1?3 times: It is time to catch up on technology! 
4?5 times: You have a good technology foundation. 
7?8 times: You were considered advanced in the race to technology just a few years ago. 
But look over your shoulder, others are catching up fast! 
9?10 times: Bravo! You are technologically current. Consider helping others along!

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